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5 Fun Date Ideas: Fall Edition

By: Dorothy

As the fall season is almost in full swing, bust out all your candles and fall decorations. Dec out your house with fall-themed colors and bunting. The autumn season has a unique beauty and excitement about it, with the changing leaves and finally being able to bust out all the layers and fall clothes. Fall fashion is the best because of the warm colors and versatility. And with Thanksgiving and Halloween during this season, there’s so much to love.
These are just some fun date ideas for the fall, and if you’re not in a relationship, don’t worry, because these ideas are still perfect for hanging out with friends and family. It just so happens that all these activities would be great spots for fun photographs (perhaps to show off your new fall clothes!).
1. Pumpkin carving 
Go to a pumpkin patch and pick a couple of pumpkins to carve together. Get creative! Make them as scary or silly as you want. After, you could use the pulp of the pumpkin and bake a pie or bread. Spend the night curled up watching scary movies and enjoying some pumpkin pie and hot drinks.
2. Apple picking
Find a nearby orchard to go apple picking. You can bring them home and bake some apple pie, make some apple cider, the list goes on. You’ll have apples to last for the rest of the fall, and the two of you can make all sorts of different treats or even have fun apple-bobbing. 
3. Haunted house
Go explore a haunted house or ride a haunted hayride together. Check your nearby amusement parks to see they have any Halloween inspired attractions. Kings Dominion usually has a Halloween Haunt every year, and Six Flags has Fright Fest. To amp up even a little more, spend some time coming up with creative costumes. Go all out this Halloween, and don’t be embarrassed about it. Just have fun with it all and get scared together!
4. Hide and seek at night
These silly kid games get so much scarier at night. You could play hide and seek outside in the dark, flashlight tag, or even just man hunt. They are just silly and scary games to have a little fun and get excited for the Halloween and fall season.
5. Camping
This could even just be at a nearby park. If either of you have a pick-up truck, it’ll be perfect. Cover the bed of the truck in sleeping bags and blankets. Watch the stars together and just enjoy the night. You guys could bring snacks and maybe even build a small bonfire. This is a perfect way to spend some quality time together and enjoy the fall weather. If you don’t have a truck, don’t worry. Camping in a tent is just as fun, even if it is just in your backyard. Be adventurous or stay in your comfort zone, just have fun with it. If you stay in your backyard, you could set up an outdoor movie theater and just curl up together.
The fall offers endless opportunities. Enjoy these things before the weather gets to cold!
Photographer: Lee Ann

Before you think about hurting her, just ask yourself this.
If she sent you an invitation to her wedding.

Would you be able to see her marry someone?
Would you stay quiet when the judge asks if anyone objects?
Would you even attend the wedding?

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'I care. It fucking terrifies me how much I care.'
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